Why our Webhosting?

We guarantee you a 99,95% uptime guarantee. Your website will always be available!

The prices will always be as they are. You do not have to expect any sudden price changes.

We are available 24/7 to solve your urgent problems. We are there when you really need us!

A large part of our infrastructure is in the Netherlands. All webhosting packages are hosted in DC Lelystad.

Install more than 40 different applications and scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and phpBB with 1 click!

Your website is protected against DDOS attacks. We filter the traffic for your website, malicious traffic is automatically filtered out.

Choose the plan that perfectly suits you!

Don’t know exactly what you need? We can give you advice about what you need!

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14,99/ month

High Availability

99,95% Uptime Guarantee

50 GB SSD Storage

5 E-mail Accounts

5 MySQL Databases

Free SSL Certificates

DDOS Security

∞ Data Traffic

Site Builder

Free Applications

Instant Delivery

Free .nl domain!

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39,99/ month

High Availability

99,95% Uptime Guarantee

100 GB SSD Storage

∞ E-mail Accounts

∞ MySQL Databases

Free SSL Certificates

DDOS Security

∞  Data Traffic

Site Builder

Free Applications

Instant Delivery

Free .nl domain!

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DirectAdmin is a powerful control panel with many options and functions. With DirectAdmin you can fully manage your webhosting directly from your browser. Because this control panel is easy to use, you can get started right away without having to consult the documentation for hours. DirectAdmin excels in user-friendliness with numerous functions!

Would you take a look around?

View the demo and see which functions DirectAdmin has to offer.
Login with the following information. Username: demo_user / Password: demo
* Please note: not all functions that we offer are available with the demo.

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Site Builder

We recently launched the new Site Builder. This makes it easier to put your website online. With this Site Builder, you can choose from standard templates from which your website can be built. But of course you can also develop a template yourself! Curious about the possibilities for your website?

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What is Webhosting?

With Webhosting you rent a piece of storage and memory from a large server. You can, for example, build your website on this own piece of the hosting or use the hosting to e-mail from your own domain name.
There are endless possibilities with our Webhosting solutions.

When will I receive my Webhosting?

We can almost say that your Webhosting is delivered instantly. But this is only when we have received the payment of your order. As soon as the payment for your order has been received, we will instantly deliver your webhosting!

If we are unable to deliver your webhosting instantly, we will contact you immediately.

Are there any additional costs?

No! That is exactly what PeaceWeb does not stand for.
We offer clear monthly prices. Your services can be canceled monthly or longer if stated otherwise.

What is the duration of a Webhosting plan?

You can choose the standard duration entirely yourself. We offer a standard duration of 1 month with every Webhosting plan. But you also have the opportunity to adjust the duration to 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. It’s fully up to you!

What is included with my Webhosting?

All specifications as stated with each Webhosting plan are included without additional costs.
Besides from this, you can, of course, count on our exclusive support and 24/7 emergency assistance.

How does ∞ Data Traffic work?

We offer Unlimited Data Traffic with every Webhosting. Unfortunately, we have to limit your data traffic in serious cases. If there is an abuse of the Unlimited Data traffic, we are obliged to limit this. This is done to protect other customers from customers who abuse this feature.

We inform you on time when the consumption is so high that we have to limit it. So you can take action on time to prevent limitations.

How stable is the Webhosting?

Of course, it is extremely important that your website is available to your visitors at all times. PeaceWeb guarantees the availability of 99.95% with every Webhosting plan. Is this not the case? Then you just get your money back.

I am not content!

Unfortunate of course, but this can happen. Contact us so that we can discuss this with you and we offer you a suitable solution.
If we cannot find a solution for you, we will return the full amount as quickly as possible (this includes any setup fees or gateway fees).

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